Consultations are by appointment only. Consultation are available from Monday to Saturday at the following times:

Monday to Friday
9.00 am – 10.00 am
4.00 pm – 6.00 pm

11.30 am – 12.45 pm


In our grooming parlour we accommodate a wide range of breeds. A full groom includes; mat removal, clipping/stripping, bath, blow dry, clip nails, clean ears, ear pluck and express anal glands. Contact the Clinic for any further details and to book your appointment.


We perform a wide range of surgical procedures for both large and small animals. These can vary from routine surgical procedures to the highly technical.


We aim to provide our patients with the safest anaesthetic regimes. We do this with the aid of pre- anaesthetic blood testing, gas anaesthesia and careful monitoring by our nurses with the most up to date monitoring equipment.


We provide a digital x-ray service. This helps us to diagnose a vast range of diseases, illnesses and fractures to the highest quality.


One of our most useful diagnostic tools is our state of the art ultrasound machinery. These are used on a daily basis with both our large and small animal patients. The can help us examine many major internal organs in your animal.


With our modern dental equipment we can care for your pets dental health problems. Cleaning, polishing and surgical extractions are among the many dental services we provide. We also cater for the dental health needs of our equine patients.


With our on site laboratory equipment it can help us with early and speedy diagnosis of a variety of diseases in the seemingly healthy and crucially ill patients. In the laboratory the microscope is an extremely useful diagnostic tool.

Some of the laboratory tests we provide include:

-Bio Chemistry
-Bile Acids
-Snap Tests
-Urine Analysis


Skin disease is commonly diagnosed in pets. It can vary from seasonal to year round itching. From carrying out skin scrapes, tape tests and hair plucks we can identify many causative agents or allergies and help to put your pet and their skin at ease.

Large Animal Services

-TB Testing
-Equine scanning
-Equine Vetting
-On Farm Visits
-Hospitalisation of Calves
-Fertility Testing of Rams
-Surgical Procedures

Emergency Services

We also offer a 24hour emergency service to both our large and small animal clients. To contact the vet on duty please call (091) 841935.

*Please note that there is an additional fee for the provision of this service.