Importance of Grooming

Grooming is not just about making your dog look and smell nice, it’s also about maintaining your dog’s physical health. It allows the groomer to check for any abnormalities, such as skin problems – fleas, ticks or dry patches, problems with nails, teeth, ears and eyes. We can catch problems early before they get too serious. Grooming helps keep your dog happy and healthy!

  • Nails; nail trimming is an important part of grooming. We trim their nails to avoid painful conditions such as overgrown or torn nails. Feet can be examined for problems like cracked pads, mats of hair or swelling.
  • Ears; some pets benefit from regular ear-cleaning. This can prevent discomfort or infection. We might come across redness, inflamed ears or an unusual smell that might need checking over by your vet.
  • Ticks; we can find ticks on your pet when grooming them. It’s important to prevent your dog from getting parasites, not only are they annoying to your pet but they can cause nasty diseases such as Lyme disease. 

Call us at Railway Veterinary Clinic on 091-841935 or pop in to book an appointment with our Groomer or to ask one of our team about the various products we have available to help with the prevention and treatment of flea, tick and worm infestations.

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